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Muktananda Dhyana Saptah

Dear Siddha Yogi,

You will soon have the opportunity to spend a full day meditating and reflecting on the divine Self.

The Muktananda Dhyana Saptah is a day-long teaching and learning event focused on the Siddha Yoga practices of meditation and silence.

One participant in the Muktananda Dhyana Saptah shared this experience:

               “The Muktananda Dhyana Saptah allowed me to renew and honor my
                  meditation practice  from a more profound place. The practices
                  throughout the day gradually encouraged me to make peace with  mind
                  and go deeper into the stillness of the Self. Ever since my participation in
                  the Muktananda Dhyana Saptah, no matter how much is going around me,
                  I can turn my gaze within and take comfort in the boundless silence of my
                  divine Self.”

The Muktananda Dhyana Saptah will take place at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Atlanta on Saturday, March 25. Click on this link to download The Registration Form .

For more information about this event, including other locations and dates, visit the Siddha Yoga path website at

Best regards,

Karuna Lane
Event Coordinator